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Biography - Gail Marchetti

I have wanted to paint most of my life and have made many erratic attempts  through the years.  Nursing has been my vocation, but art has been my avocation.
Growing up in Vermont, my sister and brother teased me when I painted.  They, however, were the ones who went to the dumpster to save the sketches and paintings I threw out.  My husband, Bobby, has been my best critic and loyal promoter.  My son, Jason, and his wife, Alicia, along with my daughter in law, Lucretia, have steadfastly encouraged me to paint and connect those paintings with the world. So, world, I am finally jumping into the arena instead of being a bystander. 
My hope is that my paintings convey the feelings and
touch the spirit 
that inspired me to create them.  
Along the way I hope all of us have enhanced well being.

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cell phones : 303-910-5738